Modular Filling System FSM / Modular Filling System FSM


Modular Syringe, Vial and Cartridge Filling System – FSM

This modular system has been developed for the filling and vacuum stopper placement for pre-sterilized nested vials, cartridges and syringes. The FSM is suitable for clinical trials and small batches where flexibility, high accuracy, and short change over times are essential. Both high accuracy rotary piston pumps and peristaltic filling systems for single use applications are available. Each module features a state of the art control system including touch screen HMI, PLC, and servo drives.
Available Modules
FSR – Piston Filling Machine
FSP – Peristaltic Pump
FSN – Needle Movement Station
HST – XY Table
CSS – Stopper Sorting Station
Nest Centering Device
Vacuum Filling


Benefits and Features
  • Modular filling system for pre-sterilized nested syringes, vials and cartridges
  • High dosing accuracy of FSD rotary piston pumps or FSP peristaltic pumps
  • Bottom-up vacuum filling station
  • All stainless steel and plastics exterior
  • All movements controlled by Servo drives
  • PLC controls for each module and touch screen HMI operation
  • Sturdy and reliable all stainless steel construction

Technical Data

  • Output   up to 20 / min
  • Range   0.5 to 20 ml syringes
  •                             2 to 20 ml nested vials
  •                             1.5 and 3 ml nested cartridges
  • Finish   Stainless steel and plastics
  • Weight   Approx. 100 kg (220 lbs)
  • Dimensions   1340 x 550 x 800 mm
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