Nested Vial Capping Machine - CMC 1013

After the operator places the vial tray onto the CMC 1013 capping machine, the machine automatically places a crimp cap onto the vial. Next, the crimp head moves down and the crimping process is activated. The servo motor driven plunger rotates the vial. The crimping disc is cam controlled and swivels in place toward the crimp cap. This single disc capping process produces the most uniform and reliable capping results. The built-in head pressure sensor allows for the head pressure to be adjusted. After the crimping process is complete, the tray is returned to the starting position where it is manually removed by the operator. 

Technical Data


up to 20 / min


Vials 2 to 100 ml


Stainless steel and plastics


Approx. 80 kg (175 lbs)


1050 mm x 680 mm x 900 mm                       (approx. L 42″ x W 27″ x H 36″)

Benefits and Features

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