Plunger Insertion Machine - CSS1041

The syringe stopper is manually placed into the linear vibration track by the operator with the product contacting surface facing up. The vibration conveys the stoppers automatically to the transfer station. Syringes are manually placed into the clip in the process area one by one. With the initiation of the two-hand safety trigger, the stoppering process is started. The stopper is moved by the transfer tool from the linear track to the insertion tube. Afterwards, the insertion tube and the insertion rod move together to the predefined position. The insertion rod lowers onto the stopper within the insertion tube. With the retraction of the insertion tube, the stopper is released into the syringe where it expands, effectively sealing the syringe slightly above the fill level. The insertion tube and the insertion rod then return to their home position.

Technical Data


up to 15 / min


0.5 to 10 ml syringes


Stainless steel and plastics


Approx. 70 kg (154 lbs)


425 x 470 x 515 mm

Benefits and Features