Vacuum Stopper Insertion Machine CSS 1041

The stopper insertion machine type CSS has been developed specifically with pharmaceutical and biotech syringe stopper insertion applications in mind. The controls, including the PLC control system and servo drives, are located inside the enclosure. Operation and recipe development is intuitive via the integrated touch screen.
Syringe and stopper are manually placed by the operator into the container clip and stopper insertion tool before the stoppering process is started via the touch screen HMI. The stopper insertion tool lowers onto the syringe and seals the syringe to the tool via vacuum seal. The evacuation process will start immediately thereafter. Once the vacuum has reached a predefined level the retention pin is released and the stopper moves into the syringe by pressure differential. After the stopper has been placed the stopper insertion tool returns to its starting position.

Technical Data


up to 10 / min


0.5 to 10 ml syringes


Stainless steel and plastics


Approx. 30 kg (66 lbs)


490 x 190 x 450 mm

Benefits and Features