Crimp Capping Machine - CMC 1000

This compact bench top crimp capping machine has been developed for pharmaceutical aluminum crimp cap applications. It is suitable for all aluminum cap styles. All exposed surfaces are stainless steel. The CMC crimp capping machine is operated via two-hand control. Changeover to a different cap size is accomplished easily in a few minutes.
After the operator has manually placed a crimp cap onto the vial, the container is placed in the designated size part. By activating the two-hand control, the vial is automatically lifted to the plunger and the crimping process is activated. This movement is performed pneumatically. Through the built-in pressure sensor the head pressure can be adjusted. The plunger rotates the vial. The crimping disc is cam controlled and swivels in place toward the crimp cap. After the crimping process is completed, the vial is returned to the starting position where it is manually removed by the operator.
This system is suitable for stand-alone applications in laboratories, as well as for  integration into vial and bottle filling machines.

Technical Data


up to 20 / min


Vials up to D 55 x H 150 mm


Stainless steel and plastics


Approx. 30 kg (66 lbs)


470 x 250 x 500 mm

Benefits and Features