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Rotary Piston Pump System – FSR

The FSR rotary piston pump filling system has been developed specifically with pharmaceutical and biotech liquid filling applications in mind. It features an extremely high filling accuracy in combination with our FSD rotary piston pumps as well as a wash down stainless steel 316L exterior. The FSR filling system is controlled by a PLC and driven by precision servo drives. The touch screen interface is intuitive and guides the user through the setup and operation with ease.
Several versions and configurations of the FSR piston pump filling system are available:
Benchtop models
For use in laboratories
Pump carts
For retrofitting existing filling lines with accurate and reliable filling system
Integrated versions
For full integration into OEM filling machines


Benefits and Features
  • All stainless steel exterior, suitable for Pharma sterilization procedures
  • Specifically designed for our COLANAR FSD rotary piston pumps
  • Extremely high dosing accuracy
  • Integrated PLC with Touch Screen and servo drives
  • Prepared for full integration into pharmaceutical liquid filling machines
  • Integrated drip retraction (“suck back”)

Technical Data

  • Output      up to 60 fills / min
  • Range      50 μl to 100 ml
  • Material      Stainless steel 316L
  • Pump Sizes      FSD 10      up to 1.5 ml
  •                                FSD 20      up to 10 ml
  •                                FSD 30      up to 50 ml
  •                                FSD 40      up to 100 ml
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