Autoclave Trays


Autoclave Trays, Racks, and Carts

The HSM Autoclave trays have been designed to accommodate syringe nests from various manufacturers. These all 316L stainless steel trays are equipped with a locking feature which ensure that these trays are suitable for use in an autoclave in an inverted position. The syringes are fixed in a defined position and the rubber stopper is prevented from being able to be pushed out of the syringe during autoclaving. The hinged design of the trays and the custom tray fixture allow for comfortable handling and easy loading. The perforation allows for optimal steam penetration around the syringes. Autoclave racks and carts are also available.


Benefits and Features
  • Locking feature for autoclaving syringes in inverted position
  • Perforation allows for optimum steam penetration around syringes
  • Hinged design with custom tray fixture for comfortable handling and easy loading
  • Sturdy and reliable all stainless steel construction
  • E-polished for maximum corrosion protection

Technical Data

  • Material   316L stainless steel
  • Finish   e-polished
  • Dimensions   Depending on autoclave size
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