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COLANAR is proud to introduce the isolator version of our Filling System Type FSM. Like the standalone version, the isolator version provides syringe, vial and cartridge filling capabilities in one machine and is suitable for companies with limited production space. Both high accuracy rotary piston pump filling and peristaltic pump filling are available and can be easily combined with a nitrogen purging station and / or In-Process-Control system based on the user’s needs. Vacuum assisted stopper insertion allows for stoppering near the fluid level with a minimum of head space. The machine is operated via a user-friendly touch screen HMI, which is easily accessible from the outside of the isolator.

Available Modules

Nitrogen Purging
Vacuum Filling with Rotary Piston or Peristaltic Pump
Vacuum assisted Stopper Insertion
Surge Bag Monitoring

Technical Data


 up to 40 / min


0.5 to 20 ml syringes
2 to 20 ml nested vials
1.5 and 3 ml nested cartridges


Stainless steel and plastics

Benefits and Features