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Product Spotlight: COLANAR’s Flexible Filling and Closing Machine, The FSV

The COLANAR FSV filling machine was developed specifically with aseptic biopharmaceutical liquid filling applications in mind.  This machine is compatible with all available RTU “Nest and Tub” syringes, cartridges, and vials, capable of both precision filling and stoppering. The FSV can be equipped with our high accuracy FSP peristaltic pump and/or our FSD rotary piston pump (ideal for more viscous liquids). The bottom-up design of our filling station provides ideal minimization of foaming and splashing upon dispensing. Both vacuum and vent tube plunger insertion change parts are available. All controls are located within the machine base with operation and recipe development exclusively via the intuitive, integrated touch screen HMI.

Our customers love this machine because of the flexibility it provides in containers and pump style as well as its high accuracy automated dispensing of product.

Benefits and Features

• Filling machine for pre-sterilized nested syringes, cartridges, and vials

• Vacuum and Vent Tube plunger insertion change parts available

• High dosing accuracy of our unique FSP peristaltic pump and/or FSR rotary piston pump

• Bottom-up filling station

• Stainless steel and plastics exterior, suitable for pharmaceutical sterilization


• All movements controlled by Allen Bradley servo drives

• Many options, i.e. batch records, IPC, oRABS enclosure, vacuum purging, suspension recirculation, etc. available

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